About Superplaces

What is Superplaces?

Superplaces is an online directory and an optimal platform for customer and business communication. Businesses can claim their listing and create a professional profile, where they provide information on their business. Customers can review their business by commenting on their profile or commenting on other’s reviews, providing information for other customers who are looking to make the same purchases.

What does Superplaces do?

We work to establish a business and customer communication platform for local businesses. Our goal is to provide patrons the chance to give feedback, while providing businesses the chance to effectively advertise and receive constructive feedback on their products and services.

What do you mean by Local?

Our goal is to provide local businesses a personalize profile so that customers in their area will visit and then provide feedback. Providing business’ information to customers who are not in the surrounding area is both ineffective and useless.

Who are you, really?

We are a team of highly experienced local marketing specialists, whose goal it is to provide the best services for businesses and patrons.

I’m too busy to create a profile.

We understand that you are busy running a business. We make sure to create an accessible and easy-to-use service, making the creation of profiles and the reviewing process as simple as possible.

What if I’m having trouble with creating a profile, writing a review, or using any of Superplace’s services?

If you have any questions about any of the services on Superplaces, please contact (888-888-8888) and one of our customer service representatives will assist you.

Why should I write reviews?

Writing reviews for a business does not only help the business by providing feedback, but also helps the purchasing decisions of future customers. Superplaces is a community that assists both the business and customer.

Are you going to show us ads?

Yes, but Superplaces is an online directory that does not muddle information and website access with advertisements. We ensure that advertisements will not alter accessibility to your account, profile, or search.

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